Cute Cat Breeds With Beautiful Blue Eyes

May 13, 2018

Want to go swimming? We can think of a few cat breeds with such stunning blue eyes, you’ll be tempted to dive right in!In some cases, all cats belonging to a certain breed have the same beautiful baby blues, while in other breeds, only some cats end up with azure eyes. But either way, these pets are certainly alluring. If you’re looking for blue-eyed cats, look no farther than our gallery below! EmbeddableSlideshow: Cat Breeds With Blue Eyes EMBEDDABLE SLIDESHOWCat Breeds With Blue EyesRagdoll: Tonkinese: Birman: Balinese: Siamese: Himalayan: Turkish Van: More on Vetstreet:5 Cat Care Mistakes to AvoidWhy We Bought a Motor Home for Our CatI’m So Happy You’re Still Here: A Love Letter to My DogWhat to Know Before Bringing Home a Long-Haired CatHow to Know if a Siamese Might Be the Right Cat Breed for You

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